Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Balloon Craft

Balloon Craft

So, we saw a craft on facebook, and the little guy wanted to try it.

First you squeeze some candy into a balloon.  We did this by hand, but if you have a pvc pipe handy, you can put the end on the balloon on the pipe, and fill the balloon by dropping candy down the pipe.

Once you have a few pieces of candy, fill the balloon like you'd normally do, and tie a knot.  Now the candy is inside the balloon.

You dip some string (we used a cotton twine) in a mixture of glue and water, and the then wrap the balloon with the string.  If possible, try to use one long continuous piece of string.  Our string wasn't long enough, so we cut up smaller pieces to put over the balloon afterwards, to fill in large gaps.

You can also try to dye the glue mixture with food coloring.  We didn't want the mess of food coloring, so we tried watercolors, but we didn't use enough, and the color didn't show on the string.  but it was still fun to stir the color into the glue mixture.  The process is half the fun!

So, instead, after all the string was on the balloon, I used the food color dropper to drop some color on the string.  It didn't look very good at first, so I didn't use much, but then after it started drying, the string started absorbing the food color, and the color spread nicely through all the string.  phew!

Let it dry overnight.

Once dry and hardened, pop the balloon with a pin and carefully remove the balloon pieces through one of the gaps in the string.

Decorate a party table, use as party favors, or just give it to the kids as a treat. 

Adding glue to water and watercolors.

Stirring the water/glue/color mixture.  The process is half the fun!

Adding string

Added food color drops to the balloon. Doesn't look like much now, but the string will absorb the colors nicely overnight.
Ready to pop and remove the balloon.
After drying all night, you can see the food coloring has spread through the string.

Popping the balloon.  The extra glue that dripped caused it to deflate slowly, and not pop as expected. 

Kissing the ball of candy, which looks like a nest here.

Admiring his work.

Enjoying the loot from inside the twine egg.