Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Toys We Love - Q-bitz


 Qbitz link to Amazon

My 5 year old has been asking for Q-bitz since he saw it on a tv show, and today, he finally got it.  He was very excited.

Every player chooses a color to play with.  They each get identical 16 cubes.

You pick a random pattern card then see who creates the pattern first.  Since Alex is only 5 years old, we don't race, we wait until everyone finishes, and then high-five each other, although I did finish before him most times (except the one time I let him finish first).

The box says ages 8 and up, but younger kids can enjoy it if they take their time.

The game Q-bitz is currently on sale here on Amazon.

We finished this fun, but tricky, pattern together.

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